Sales Assistant

- Greeting customers who enter the shop. 招待店里客户
- Be involved in stock control and management. 需兼任仓库及货物管理
- Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for. 帮助客户寻找商品和产品
- Being responsible for processing cash and card payments. 接收客户付款
-Answering queries from customers. 为客户解答疑问
- Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor. 报告差异和问题
- Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers. 给予建议和指导客户对产品的选择
- Dealing with customer refunds. 处理客户退款
-Keeping the store tidy and clean. 保持店面整洁
- Responsible dealing with customer complaints. 负责处理客户投诉
- Site visit and take measurement 上门拜访客户,并采取测量
- Be involved in assist curtain installer 参与协助窗帘安装

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